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Vegan Kitchen Utensil Essentials


The first step to being vegan is choosing to become vegan. To remain consistent, you must be prepared to try new dishes in the kitchen. For the foodies and culinary creators out there, you might have your own set of favorite, and we would love to hear your set up. For the newbies in the kitchen, we’ve put together five kitchen essentials to help you on your way to health and happiness.

The Almighty Food Scale

By and large one of the most used tools in our kitchen. Whether we are portioning out our meals or tinkering with our new vegan recipe, we make sure to measure out according to serving sizes. Using a food scale helps up stay consistent in our diet. You might be surprised to find just how little an actual serving size is for your favorite foods. Bonus, with a food scale, you don’t always need measuring cups.

Our Pick: Joseph Joseph Folding Digital Food Scale

Simple, compact, and easy to store, we take the Joseph Joseph Folding Digital Food Scale with us whenever we travel. Test with various weights, this scale accurately measures food weights in g, ml, oz, and lbs.


A Powerful Food Processor

Over the years, we tested different food processors and blenders. Each one stacked with features, but none of them stand the test of time. From blending smoothies with the perfect consistency to processing nuts into a creamy cheese, it is important to select a food processor or blender with strong blades and a high RPM.

Our Pick: Vitamix Explorean Blender

It was a bitter pill to swallow buying this blender due to the higher price tag, but after doing the math, purchasing this food processor would have saved us in the long run. You can blend cold, raw ingredients into piping-hot soup in minutes due to the high RPM.


Stainless Steel Cookware

Non-stick pans are easy to cook with, but the process of making these pans includes chemical processing that can make its way into your food. We prefer to use stainless steel as it doesn’t use the chemicals commonly found in hard anodized and non-stick pans. Your basic stainless steel cookware set should include:

  • 12-inch frying pan with lid
  • 4-quart saucepan with lid
  • Decent size saute pan
  • 8-quart covered stock pot

You can collect your pans over time, but these pieces will get you started.

Our Pick: Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Though our kitchen is an All-Clad kitchen, Calphalon is where we started. It is durable, easy-to-clean, offers a decent warranty, and will get you hooked on cooking. When you feel it’s time to graduate, the All-Clad cooking set is the cookers dream. Got to love that lifetime warranty.


Quality Food Storage

Storing your food the right way is vital to the quality of the food you eat and your overall health. We’ve cycled through countless Tupperware and different brands but always find that they get stained or melt a little if heated. Despite being microwave safe and stain resistant, nothing beats glass storage containers. You want to select a set with multiple sizes that are BPA-free (the lid is your primary concern here) and leak-proof.

Our Pick: Snapware 24-Piece Glass Food Storage

Nothing beats Snapware glass storage. It is durable, easy-to-clean, and affordable. We tried competitor brands in the past and found that Snapware completely holds up better to potential drops or scratches.


Vegan Cookbook

If you aren’t the culinary creator currently, you will need a jumping off point. There is no shortage of recipes online, but if you want something a little neanderthalic, a vegan cookbook is a great resource. You and your sig-other can go start-to-finish through a cookbook and experience all of the flavors a vegan diet has to offer.

Our Pick: Forks Over Knives Cookbook

Forks Over Knives is a ground-breaking vegan documentary, somewhat of a staple in the vegan community. The Forks Over Knives cookbook is a culmination of delicious vegan recipes with plenty of content to educate on portions, macros, and cooking. Easy-to-follow, delicious, and affordable dishes is what makes this our go-to choice for a vegan cookbook.

Though there are hundreds of kitchen utensils that one can use, these are five items that are essential to create, cook, and store your delicious vegan dishes.

We would love to hear your go-to kitchen essentials. Drop us a comment and let us know your picks!

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